Sewell signs up as Track World Cup volunteer

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We all love watching our favourite riders, family and friends race, it doesn’t matter if it’s a club, a National Championship or a World Cup. But there are some unsung heroes of these events, the amazing volunteers who offer up their time to make all of our favourite events a possibility. If it wasn’t for them, they wouldn’t be possible. 

Ahead of the Brisbane Track World Cup in December this year we had a chat with rising cyclist Francesca Sewell who has already achieved some brilliant things on the bike herself, including claiming the 2019 road and time trial national titles, as well as representing Australia at the 2019 UCI Junior Track Worlds in Germany.  

Now Franky has put her hand up to help out at the Track World Cup as a Volunteer. 

We spoke to her about why she is volunteering, what she is excited about and what she would say to other people in her position thinking about volunteering. 

Have you volunteered before?

This will be my first time officially volunteering at a cycling event. I’ve helped out my local club, Gold Coast Cycling club at small junior events and things like that but nothing like this.”

Why have you decided to volunteer at the Track World Cup?

“I am volunteering at the Track World Cup to give back to the sport, as a cyclist myself I’m grateful for all the hard work the volunteers and organizers do, and would like to help out.”

What are you looking forward to most?

“I’d love to see what the scenery is like at such a large event, also, to support my friends and mentors who are racing.”

What would you say to encourage someone like yourself to get involved and volunteer?

“Just get involved, give back and support some exciting racing.”

Franky will be helping out in Brisbane at the Anna Meares Velodrome for the Track World Cup from December 13 to 15.

For more information on tickets and how you can join in the action and help out visit